We encourage parents to bring their children to worship from an early age and we hope you will feel comfortable doing so! We expect that they will wiggle and take time to grow into a good understanding and joyful engagement with the various parts of the service. We’re committed to walking with you and your children as you guide them.

Guiding Your Kids in Worship

  • Talk about your own excitement about getting to worship together on Sundays. “Sundays are the best day of my week! God knew just what he was doing when he set it apart from other days. What songs do you think we will sing?”
  • Arrive early and take the kids to the playground to work off some energy. Get snacks and bathroom visits out of the way before the service. Let the kids know they can have something when the service is over and/or that your family will be getting lunch soon.
  • Sit near the front of the room so that the kids can see and feel connected to what is going on. Sit on the end of a row so you can easily take a child out of the room if needed. If you are in the Fellowship Hall, sit away from the snack table and visit it before or after the service.
  • Give each child his/her own space to settle/separate siblings as needed.
  • Sit near a family you know or make it a point to connect with someone new. Ask them to help you encourage your child by sitting together.
  • Bring a little bag/backpack used especially for church. Fill it with a few colored pencils, a notepad, children’s bible or bible storybooks, and a quiet activity. Let kids read or draw about the Bible passage of the day or from a favorite story.
  • Use the children’s worship bulletins, Side by Side, available as you enter. Preview the guide ahead of time with your child so he/she knows how the service is structured and what to do during each part.
  • Children age 4 and younger may attend all hours of Sunday School or be brought to a class part way through the worship service. Please speak to one of our staff members if you have an older child who is having difficulty remaining in the service.
  • Stick with it! Heaps of patience and consistency, as well as grace, will be needed along the way as they are in all other areas of parenting!