The vision for The Port Towns Church is to cultivate an authentic community of Jesus-followers from various cultures, generations, and backgrounds, to establish a church that reflects the beautiful diversity of God’s kingdom, and to bring the neighborhoods of the Port Town communities together as one church family.

For the past 4 years, Danny and Aubrey Edwards-Luce, MPC missions partners and church planters, have been preparing to start a church that reflects the beautiful diversity of the Port Towns of Maryland. The Port Towns (a collection of 4 neighborhoods) were known historically as thriving coastal communities, yet saw years of decline over the course of the last century. Now, the Port Towns are in the midst of community revitalization as well as a growing need for the gospel and local churches.

Racial reconciliation and a cross-cultural community have always been at the heart of Danny and Aubrey’s mission. The realization that the American church is still today a segregated community has opened their eyes to pursue this goal and to share the gospel as reconciliation of people, not just to God, but to one another as well.


Danny and Aubrey Edwards-Luce
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