This year the Thanksgiving Offering will go to support Romanian Christian Enterprises (RCE) and their ongoing project to construct Teo’s Sports Hall. We hope to raise $100,000 so that RCE can finish construction of this building and, more importantly, so that the children and young adults with disabilities will have a safe space to play, work, and receive physical therapy. Be a part of bringing restoration to these children’s lives.


Teo's Sports Hall

RCE has begun construction of Teo’s Sports Hall. This new building will provide essential space for RCE’s ministries as they bring hope and healing to these children and work to deliver programs that meet the spiritual, physical, social, emotional, psychological and educational needs of those who have suffered immeasurable harm.

A portion of the funds have already been raised, but RCE still needs $100,000 to finish construction of this building and restore dignity to these children.

What the Building Provides

  • Recreation Room

  • Recreation Room

  • Physical Therapy Center

  • Vocational Training Center

RCE’s Arad campus has no indoor recreational space for the kids who live in group homes and the students who come to the Sunshine School to escape the extreme heat and cold of Romanian summers and winters which often preclude outdoor activities for weeks at a time. The Recreation Room will be about the size of the Multi-Purpose Room in McLean.

RCE has a well trained staff that works with children struggling with physical disabilities, but they lack the dedicated space for the comprehensive care many of these children require. This lack of space limits the number of children they can serve and the types and frequencies of therapies they provide. The Physical Therapy Center adjacent to the Recreation Room will greatly expand their physical therapy capabilities.

One of RCE’s largest challenges is providing vocational opportunities to the young adults with disabilities in their care, so that they can know the joy and dignity of work and a semi-independent life. The Vocational Training Center will provide much needed space for vocational activities and storing materials and products.

About Romanian Christian Enterprises

Romanian Christian Enterprises works to rescue children who have been isolated, abandoned, and left without hope. RCE works to bring restoration to every aspect of these children’s lives – providing them with a future and a hope in the Kingdom of God.

They welcome the orphan whose file has been stamped ‘unrecoverable’, bring the child who could never be educated to school, and help young adults with disabilities live semi-independent lives in community.

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Be a part of bringing restoration to these children’s lives.