Be part of reaching the unreached in Indonesia. Our 2023 Thanksgiving Offering will support our global mission partner, The Reformed Partnership for Indonesia, as they bring the gospel through social projects and church planting to the world’s largest Muslim country. Our goal is to raise $193,000 to start a library on the island of Java. On this small island roughly the size of Illinois, live 150 million people in need of the gospel.

Support our partner as they sow seeds in what may be one of the most fruitful mission fields in the world.


How Do Education and Evangelism Work Together?

The Need

Why Libraries?

Education unlocks the door to the future. Roughly 20% of all Indonesians are illiterate, or more than 50 million people. 37.56% of Indonesian fifteen year olds can read but do not understand the meaning of what was read. Children who drop of out school struggle to escape the cycle of poverty and poor health outcomes — many women in this circumstance must marry young, often to men much older than them. 

Cinta Baca’s libraries empower neglected communities through literacy, and promote a love for learning through reading clubs and health programs. These libraries are also greatly respected by the community and government for their excellence, giving church planters credibility.

The Result

Church Planting

It only takes one believer to start a movement. The Indonesian church planters that facilitate the libraries and their programs move towards sharing the gospel with members of the community. As people come to believe and are baptized, a house church is born. A house church typically consists of 7–8 new believers and a church planter worshiping together every week.

Most Indonesians who receive Christ and are baptized will undergo intimidation to some degree: many lose their inheritance, many are divorced by their spouse. To minimize this reaction from their community, and to advance the gospel, new believers are discipled and trained to share their faith with their communities.

The Opportunity

Support evangelism through education. Our goal is to raise $193,000 which will purchase, renovate, and equip a provincial library of 7,000 books, and provide programs. 

What does it take to establish a new library and programs?
Purchase of a provincial library $100,000
Renovation of library building $30,000 
7,000 books, racks, and games $45,000
Village Learning Center ($1,500 per Center) 

  • 10 Centers
  • 300 books, racks, promotional materials
Family Reading Clubs ($70 per Club)

  • 50 Reading Clubs
  • Expenses for each Club include a set of books, puppets, costumes, equipment, and materials for activities

Total Expenses: Our Donation Goal! 



Thank you for your gifts which enable this important work!