Be a part of equipping and supporting the local church in East Africa to share the gospel in both word and deed. 

Our 2021 Thanksgiving Offering will benefit two of our mission partners operating in East Africa: Thirdmill — currently translating seminary materials into Swahili — and Africa Inland Church – Tanzania (AICT) — building a surgical unit for their Bweri Health Center.

Our goal is to raise $150,000, to be shared equally between our partners. Give online or by mail.


Meet Our Partners


Equipping Local Pastors

Thirdmill provides free biblical education to pastors and church leaders worldwide who lack sufficient training for ministry. Currently, Thirdmill is undergoing a project to translate all of their curriculum materials into Swahili, the common language of East Africa.

The biggest barrier to theological growth in East Africa is syncretism of Christianity with animism and ancestor worship. Thirdmill’s translation work will equip local pastors in East Africa with crucial biblical education in their common language, to meet the spiritual needs of their flocks. 

What our offering will fundThe curriculum is built in three units: our budgeted missions funding has already supported the translation of the first unit; our Thanksgiving Offering will help fund the second unit and seed the third.



Africa Inland Church – Tanzania (AICT)

Showing God’s Tangible Care

As a reflection that God cares about us holistically — mind, soul, and body — our Thanksgiving Offering will also support AICT’s construction of a surgical unit for their Bweri Health Center. Building site pictured above

With high infant mortality rates, and lives at stake, an on-site surgical unit will allow their medical team to deliver babies and perform operations readily and safely, instead of transporting patients to a distant government hospital lacking capacity and quality standards of care. 

What our offering will fund: Our offering will fund the concrete foundation, walls, and ceiling for the surgical unit, getting it primed for finishing.



Insights from Thirdmill

Our donation goal for this Thanksgiving Offering is $150,000. Give by check or online!

Mail your gift to:
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