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The Session

An elder’s primary role is to shepherd our congregation (1 Peter 5:1-5). This works out in the functions of leadership, government, spiritual discernment and discipline. Peter insists that elders embody the wisdom, character, and humility of Jesus: “not domineering over those in your charge, but being examples to the flock” (v.3). The group of elders is a representative body, called the Session. The Session leads and make decisions for our church via committees in each ministry area: Ministry Support, Multiplication, Worship, Formation, Care, and Missions.

The qualifications of an elder are described in 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, and Acts 6.

Chris Bargery
Steve Brown
Burlie Brunson
Stuart Burns
Ellis Chaplin
Paul Chelson
Clint Church
Martin Etner
Don Frahler
Gene Goodell
Chair: Ministry Support
Eric Hotmire
Kevin Humphreys
John Kipps
Horace Lamb
Chair: Multiplication
Ryan Laughlin
Randy Lovdahl
Chris McPeek
Steve Martin
Chair: Worship
James Metzger
Chair: Formation
David Newbrander
Jim Perry
Scott Redd
Donn Roebke
Brent Singley
Ted Smith
Norm Snyder
Eric Treene
Chair: Care
Louis Tucker
Brad Waters
Chair: Missions
Steve Welke
Brian Whisler
Paul Wohlers
Chair: Fairfax Particularization

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A deacon’s primary role is to serve the physical needs of our church and community, modeling the mercy of Jesus. This is a role of compassion, witness, and service, helping those in need. The group of deacons are organized as a board, called the Diaconate, which operates via committees: Facilities, Ministry, Local Mission, Service, and Stewardship. They also administer the Deacons’ Fund which supports those with temporary financial needs both inside and outside our congregation.

The qualifications of a deacon are described in 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, and Acts 6.

James Arnold
Co-Chair: Ministry
Nick Arnold
James Arvey
Drew Barr
Nathan Burchfiel
Franklin Cate
Jeff Clark
Chair: Service
Roger Custer
Danny Faragalla
Sang Go
Pete Goggin
Dave Herbert
Bob Hooks
Ian Howe
Stephen Howe
Chair: Stewardship
Zach Hurst
Ken Janetsky
Chair: Facilities
Avery Littrell
Eric Miller
Jim Muzzall
Timothy Newbrander
Jim Ostrye
Ryan Ostrye
Adam Outlaw
Mark Robyn
Chair: Diaconate
Andrew Rogers
Diego Ruiz
Camden Seiler
Kip Tatusko
Benton Thompson
Mark Whittle
Co-Chair: Ministry
Jeff Witkop
Chair: Local Missions

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Board of Women

The Board of Women is a leadership body that complements the ordained leadership of the church (elders and deacons). Board of Women members serve the whole church through shepherding, service, and prayer, with extra attention to women’s ministry. Board of Women members serve alongside the Session and Diaconate, advising in all aspects of church life.

We’ve identified qualifications for Board of Women members in Titus 2:3–5 and 1 Timothy 3:11. Learn more about the Board of Women.

Melinda Bargery
Chair: Women's Ministry
Jennifer Church
Diaconate Representatives
Laura Coverstone
Ginny Espenshade
Faith Goodwin
Makiko Harrison
Leslie Hobbs
Vice Chair (Capital Pres Family)
Tricia Hollis
Chair/Session Representative
Rachel Hooker
Martha James
Amanda Jones
Melissa Jones
Kathryn Kolbe
Ellen Meyer
Rachel Moore
Ashley Nettles
Mollie O’Dell
Jan Pascoe
Molly Preston
Nancy Ruiz
Kristen Seda
Vice Chair (Capital Pres Fairfax)/ Fairfax Site POC
Lauren Shannon
Chris Sherrill
Krista Smith
Betty Snyder
Diaconate Representatives
Melanie Steele
Kristen Usher
Margie Watkins
Liz Wimer
Margaret Whisler
Amanda Young

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Staff Contacts

Bill Fullilove
[email protected]

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